JC advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5w30


The best Lubricant synthetic Universal in the USA market !

JC Advance Full Synthetic 5W30 is a Lubricant UNIVERSAL to be used in any Brand,  Model, year of vehicle or number of miles . 

It has the best LOWER PRICE compare with all others top Lubricants!   Guaranteed

We produce our JC Synthetic 5w30 motor oil in: (1) Case of 6 bottles of one gallon each, (2) 55 gallons drum and (3) Tote of 275 gallons

The price included a free delivery charge to the Tampa area, St. Petersburg, Clear water, and plant City.  Thousand of customers  satisfied with the  Amazing Quality and  the very Low Price  compare with the others top  lubricants 

Real testimonies:

**JC LUBRICANTS  have been providing us with quality motor oil a long time They are very reliable and their product is Awesome. I highly recommend them. Scott Lameier, owner AAMCO  Transmissions and Total Car care,  May 2019

Special Event Sales on May-July 2019

Call directly to 954 383 5545 and put your order for a minimum of one case of 6 gallons JC Full synthetic 5w30 Motor Oil: 40% price discount and  free delivery in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, or Plant City area.

JC International Petroleum Group, LLC ........YOUR TRUSTED COMPANY

JC Lubricants motor oil 5w30  has demonstrated  high performance ,  allowing you to SAVE a lot of Money, due to a high Fuel Economy

BIG Question!

Although JC motor Oil 5w30  has the highest Quality, Why it  has the lowest price in the synthetic market of Motor Oils compare with others oils?... VERY SIMPLE: JC Lubricants doesn't expend to much money in Marketing!


Lubricante Universal para motores a gasolina, cualquier marca, ano y millaje

The best Lubricant  in Tampa Bay and The lowest price! Guaranteed